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A12. Akor: Energy Tree which is Easy to Take Care of

Superior akor (Acacia auriculiformis) seed invented to provide forest trees for energy in short rotation time. Akor tree is one of tree species which was designed for wood energy with short rotation. After 3.5 years rotation time, akor tree produce timber with a calorific value of > 4,500 cal/g and has 38% lignin content. MAI estimation of akor tree is 36-43 m3/ha/yr using superior seed with a spacing of 2 x 2 m (2500 trees/ha).

Akor superior seeds was anticipated to grow on less fertile land, so the tree species could be planted for energy and grown by the community on critical land with less maintenance activity.


Akor (Acacia auriculiformis) is one of tree species developed for energy. Akor plant short rotation for energy is 3.5 years and may grow in critical land then it is applicable for local people surrounding forests.

Innovation Excellence

  • Akor superior seeds plant short rotation is 3.5 years.
  • Akor superior seeds may grow in the unfertile land.

Potential Application

Improved seed Akor may be developed for planting in the critical land to support wood for energy for local people.

Inovator (Innovators)

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