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D11. Luminous My Village, Everlasting My Forest

To meet the electricity needs of communities surrounding forest areas, A micro hydropower has been created. Micro hydropower plants are small-scale (< 1 mW ) which was built in the upstream watershed (DAS) by utilising the river flow.


Forest management will not succesed without the active participation of forest communities. This participation will arise if the community understands and feels the benefits of the forest directly.

  • Innovation Excellence
  • It is prospective to raise the collective participation of communities in protecting forests.
  • It improves positive perceptions of forests.
  • It improves rural economy.

Potential Application

This innovation could be applied in various rivers in the upstream region.

Inovator (Innovators)

Nama : Hunggul YSH Nugroho, M. Kudeng Sallata, Muh. Saad, Wahyudi
Isnan, dan Ade Suryaman
Unit Kerja : BP2LHK Makassar
Alamat : Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan Km. 16,5
Makassar 90243, Telepon (0411) 554049,
Faks. (0411) 554058
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