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Highlight of INAFOR 5Th EXPO 2019

Indonesia Forestry Researchers (INAFOR 5th EXPO) is a prestigious international event for forestry and environment researchers/scientists in Indonesia. During the event, those forestry and environmental scientists share their knowledge and experience in the forestry and environment research, development an innovation by focusing on recommendation/policy options in the form of series of international conference, exhibition, photo competition, and innovation award.

Environment Research Development and Innovation Agency (FOERDIA) will arrange the event of INAFOR 5th EXPO on 27 August until 30 August 2019 in IPB International Convention Centre (IPCC), Bogor, West Java. The main theme of INAFOR 5Th is ‘Enforcing Forest Restoration and Environmental Quality Enhancement for Sustainable Livelihood and Socio-Economic Benefits’.

The theme of INAFOR 5Th EXPO 2019 will be further elaborated in the 5 series of INAFOR International Conference as follow:
1. International Conference on Adopting the Renewable Bioenergy and Waste Utilization Support Circular Economy and Sustainable Environment.
2. International Conference on Innovative Solution for Managing Tropical Forest and Conserving Biodiversity to Support SDGs
3. International Conference on Translating Science into Climate Policy and Action.
4. International Conference on Managing Forest Genetic Resources in Changing Environment and Landscapes = Managing Forest Genetic Resources Under Biotic and Abiotic Changes
5. International Conference on Improvement Environmental Quality
The committee of 5th INAFOR also invites forestry and environment researchers/scientists, students, lecturers, foresters, forestry practitioners from private and government, non-government agencies to submit their papers/posters related to the theme. The official language of the conference is English. The Selected papers will also be published in the IOP Conference Series publication* - (*Globally indexed).

All interested participants should make online registration to attend the opening ceremony on 27 August 2019 and each session of International Conference on 28 to 29 August 2019. All participants also should note the terms and important dates presenting as follows:

1. 1st Announcement – call for papers/posters : 3rd week of January 2019
2. Deadline for abstract submission for papers/posters presentation : 3rd week of March 2019
3. 2nd Announcement – abstract acceptance for papers/posters presentation: 3rd week of April 2019
4. Deadline for full paper submission for papers/posters presentation: 3rd week of May 2019
5. 3rd Announcement – full paper acceptance for papers/posters presentation: 3rd week of June 2019
6. Deadline for submitting final printed poster : 3rd week of July 2019
7. Closing registration for participants : 1st August 2019
8. Closing registration for participants : 1st August 2019
9. Opening Ceremony : 27 Ausgust 2019
10. Presenting papers/posters at 5th INAFOR EXPO 2019 : 28-29 August 2019 

These important links provide further information on 5th INAFOR

Online registration    : http://conference.forda-mof.org/index.php/inafor/index/user/account

Author guidelines      : http://conference.forda-mof.org/index.php/inafor/index/pages/view/guideline

Timeline                       : http://conference.forda-mof.org/index.php/inafor/utfp/schedConf/timeline

Venue                           : http://conference.forda-mof.org/index.php/inafor/index/pages/view/Venue