24 April 2020 - 996 klik
CRITERIA OF FOREST PLANT SEEDS READY TO PLANT: for Forest Development and Land Rehabilitation

Forest plant seeds play an important role in increasing forest productivity and restoring or rehabilitating degraded land and forests.

The need for seeds or plant materials ready for planting for various planting programs encourages the enactment of a seed quality standard that reflects the criteria of seeds ready for planting. Seed quality is defined as "degree or standard of excellence" in certain characters or attributes in accordance with the objectives that provides an indication that the character of the seeds used as a determining parameter can guarantee the ability of the seeds to adapt and grow optimally after planting.

This book contains information of criteria of forest plant seeds ready for planting, particularly for the purpose of developing plantation forests, private forests and degraded land rehabilitation programs either inside or outside the forest area.

The presence of this book is to provide more comprehensive information of the quality standards of forest plant seeds that have been available. This book is divided into several topics: introduction, seed quality parameters, management of practical nurseries, quality standards for ready-to-plant seeds for the purpose of forest and land rehabilitation and development of plantation forests or private forests, and factors that influence the success of planting forest plants.

This book is expected to provide a better understanding and comprehensive figure, for policy makers, supervisors, suppliers, distributors, users, and other stakeholders, regarding the criteria of forest plant seeds ready for planting and their application in the site to get the best plant quality.

Penulis : Nurhasybi, Dede J. Sudrajat, Eliya Suita

Download : Kriteria_Bibit_Tanaman_Hutan.pdf