23 April 2020 - 471 klik
FORDA Work Plan for 2015-2019

FORDA Strategic Plan for 2015-2019 was launched by the Director of FORDA. This plan is an elaboration of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Strategic Plan 2015-2019, which was established based on Minister Regulation Number: P.39/MenLHK-II/2015 . This strategic plan is also influenced by FORDA organizational structure changes based on Minister Regulation Number: P.18/MenLHK-II/2015 concerning Organizational Structure of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

This strategic plan will be a guide and reference for work units under FORDA to plan research and development activities which focus on the utilization of science and technology.

Our highest appreciation goes to those who have played important roles in this Strategic Plan development. Finally, it is expected that this Strategic Plan will become the foundation and starting point towards a more resilient, credible and accountable FORDA in producing advanced environmental and forestry science and technology which is beneficial for the environmental and forest sustainability as well as community welfare.

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Download : Renstra_BLI_2015-2019.pdf