16 Maret 2020 - 1226 klik
Anthology "Biodiversity Environmental Management for Sustainable Use"

Indonesia as a country with high biodiversity has the potential to use biodiversity to increase communities’ welfare through its economic value as well as ecological aspects for environmental sustainability. However, this biodiversity has not been utilized optimally and sustainably.

The sustainable use of biodiversity requires strategy and technology in its management. This book is intended to share information and technology related to biodiversity management, especially flora, fauna, microorganisms and their in situ and ex situ habitats. The articles in this book are mostly written by researchers, especially Biodiversity Conservation researchers from FORDA’s working units.

Penulis : Badan Litbang dan Inovasi KLHK

Download : Bunga_Rampai_Pengelolaan_Lingkungan_Kehati.pdf