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35 KHDTK Managed by FORDA

Research, Development and Innovation Agency (FORDA) currently manages 35 (thirty-five) Specific Purpose Forest Areas (KHDTK) with a total area of 37,569.05 hectares spread throughout the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) territory. Based on the Minister of Environment and Forestry's Regulation on KHDTK, the use of KHDTK for R&D activities includes Basic Research, Applied Research and Application and Development of Technology Transfer including training, scientific tourism and counseling.

The large KHDTK area managed by FORDA requires an appropriate management plan to provide an up-to-date figure of the biophysical, socio-cultural conditions of the communities surrounding the forest and future management plans. The research, development and innovation activities that are carried out within the KHDTK areas are to support the economic welfare of the community around the forest, especially those around the KHDTK.

The compilation of information of 35 KHDTK under FORDA management is one of FORDA’s actions to widely promote 35 KHDTK development to all relevant stakeholders and to the public, including disseminating information of the resources that are potential to be developed in the KHDTK. There is a humble hope that this book can meet the need of the public in detail information of forest resources, particularly inside the 35 KHDTK managed by FORDA. Appreciate goes to all parties that have actively participated in the drafting process of the book.

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Download : 35_KHDTK_SPREAD_Web_lowres.pdf