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Better Inoculation Engineering Techniques

This report signifies as part of research results from the output entitled “Better Inoculation-Engineering Techniques”, which comprised three activities, namely (1) Selecting Suitable Inoculums; (2) Developing Several Prospective Inoculants in Large Scale; and (3) Implementing Several Prospecting Inoculums for Artificial Inducement. The technical report of this output reflects the very substantial spirits as accomplished from the development of gaharu-inoculation technology funded by the ITTO PD425/06 Rev.1 (I) Project, entitled “Production and Utilization Technology for Sustainable Development of Eaglewood (Gaharu) in Indonesia”.

Those three above-mentioned activities presented the research which was very closely related and conducted by the expert researchers who were very proficient in their field. The isolates of gaharu-developing fungi were procured from the Indonesia’s tropical forest, then selected and tested in adequate sample-amount, thereby greatly assisting their selection process based on multi-locations and differing-conditions.

This report provides information about the selection process and testing on isolates that developed gaharu at different species of indicatively gaharu-yielding trees, and the realization process was measured and evaluated thoroughly and properly.

Penulis : Erdy Santoso, Ragil S.B. Irianto, Irnayuli R. Sitepu and Maman Turjaman

Download : TECHNICAL REPORT NO. 2.pdf