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Posted by Author - 24 April 2020
CRITERIA OF FOREST PLANT SEEDS READY TO PLANT: for Forest Development and Land Rehabilitation

This book contains information of criteria of forest plant seeds ready for planting, particularly for the purpose of developing plantation forests, private forests and degraded land rehabilitation programs either inside or outside the forest area. The presence of this book is to provide more comprehensive information of the quality standards of forest plant seeds that have been available. This book is divided into several topics: introduction, seed quality parameters, management of practical nurseries, quality standards for ready-to-plant seeds for the purpose of forest and land rehabilitation and development of plantation forests or private forests, and factors that influence the success of planting forest plants.


Posted by Author - 23 April 2020
FORDA Work Plan for 2015-2019

FORDA Strategic Plan for 2015-2019 was launched by the Director of FORDA. This plan is an elaboration of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Strategic Plan 2015-2019, which was established based on Minister Regulation Number: P.39/MenLHK-II/2015 . This strategic plan is also influenced by FORDA organizational structure changes based on Minister Regulation Number: P.18/MenLHK-II/2015 concerning Organizational Structure of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

This strategic plan will be a guide and reference for work units under FORDA to plan research and development activities which focus on the utilization of science and technology.

Our highest appreciation goes to those who have played important roles in this Strategic Plan development. Finally, it is expected that this Strategic Plan will become the foundation and starting point towards a more resilient, credible and accountable FORDA in producing advanced environmental and forestry science and technology which is beneficial for the environmental and forest sustainability as well as community welfare.


Posted by Author - 14 April 2020
Introducing Lembonah Forest and Its Surrounding Environment

Lembonah Forest which is located in West Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan Province, is home to various wild plants and animals. Covering an area of ??340 ha, Lembonah Forest is a HCVF (High Conservation Value Forest) area in the middle of palm oil plantation owned by PT. Borneo Surya Mining Jaya.

Lembonah Forest provides benefits for helping school students in environmental education. This book was collaboratively written by Balitek KSDA and PT. PT. Borneo Surya Mining Jaya. Intended as an Environmental Education Module for junior/senior school students, this book will help students understanding the role of Lembonah Forest for its surrounding environment.


Posted by Author - 16 Maret 2020
Anthology "Biodiversity Environmental Management for Sustainable Use"

The sustainable use of biodiversity requires strategy and technology in its management. This book is intended to share information and technology related to biodiversity management, especially flora, fauna, microorganisms and their in situ and ex situ habitats. The articles in this book are mostly written by researchers, especially Biodiversity Conservation researchers from FORDA’s working units.


Posted by Author - 16 Maret 2020
Siamang: From Research toward Conservation

Siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus) conservation is currently not a priority of stakeholders although Siamang has been classified as endangered species. This book, therefore, is expected to be a reference for a policy making process and to encourage relevant stakeholders to develop Siamang conservation strategies and action plans and then implement them in various forest statuses and functions on the island of Sumatra.


Posted by Author - 02 Maret 2020
Majalah Swara Samboja: Wana Patra Lestari, Potongan Hutan Saksi Sejarah Kota Balikpapan Bermula

Balitek KSDA (Samboja, Januari 2020) _Kota Balikpapan memiliki saksi sejarah sebuah areal yang kini dikenal dengan Wana Patra Lestari (WPL) yaitu fragmen hutan seluas +45 Ha yang berada di antara infrastruktur kilang minyak yang saat ini dikelola oleh PT. Pertamina RU V Balikpapan. Di dalam areal WPL tersebut terdapat Sumur minyak "Mathilda", sumur minyak pertama di kota Balikpapan yang pengeborannya dilakukan tanggal 10 Februari 1897, dan hingga kinitanggal tersebut diperingati sebagai hari lahirnya kota Balikpapan.


Posted by Author - 21 Februari 2020
35 KHDTK Managed by FORDA

The compilation of information of 35 KHDTK under FORDA management is one of FORDA’s actions to widely promote 35 KHDTK development to all relevant stakeholders and to the public, including disseminating information of the resources that are potential to be developed in the KHDTK. There is a humble hope that this book can meet the need of the public in detail information of forest resources, particularly inside the 35 KHDTK managed by FORDA. Appreciate goes to all parties that have actively participated in the drafting process of the book.


Posted by Author - 17 Februari 2020
BEKANTAN - Kalimantan Forestry News - Volume 7 No. 1 of 2019

Year-end edition of BEKANTAN (Kalimantan Forestry News) Volume 7 No. 1 of 2019 brought theme "The Environment Around Us". This theme is deliberately raised to remind all of us that human concern for environmental sustainability is essential.

In Landscape column of this edition, BEKANTAN examined the concern and involvement of community in Banjarbaru City on the environment sustainability through plastic bag use reduction, green open spaces development in residential and office areas, promotion of Adiwiyata Program (green school) at Elementary School level and other programs.


Posted by Author - 10 Februari 2020
Swara Samboja Magazine Vol VIII No 2, 2019

The biodiversity management of indigenous people in Borneo is carried out through customary law and social and cultural norms implementation. Tana Pera customary forest management is a community’s efforts to protect biodiversity in forest areas around Kampung Laham, Mahakam Hulu Regency, East Kalimantan Province. To support the management of Tana Pera customary forest, a study regarding flora, fauna and social aspects was carried out by Laham indigenous community in collaboration with research team from Research and Development Center for Natural Resource Conservation Technology (Balitek KSDA) and other supporting institutions. The results of the study were presented in the special edition of Swara Samboja Magazine with the title "Exploring Tana Pera Customary Forest".


Posted by Author - 01 Februari 2020
An Anthology Book Geronggang: The Potential Local Species of “Lancang Kuning” Region

This book presents various aspects about geronggang. Readers are directed to understand everything about geronggang trees, from the characteristic of the wood, cultivation techniques, various uses, and the value of local people's interest and wisdom.

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