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A1. Silkworm Hybrid PS-01

High quality hybrid silkworm seed invented to improve silkworm industry in Indonesia. The silkworm hybrid PS-01 is the crossing of pure strain of Japanese and pure strain of China. The hybrid silkworm seed is high in cocoon productivity and good in quality.

Hybrid silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) PS-01 has been designated as high quality silkworm seed and recommended to be developed in silkworm industries according to the Minister of Forestry letter No. SK. 794/Menhut-II/2013 about the release of silkworm hybrid PS-01.


Silkworm hybrid PS-01 is developed to improve silkworm cocoon in the Indonesian silk industries.

Innovation Excellence

  • Silkworm hybrid seed PS-01 produces high quality cocoon with high shell ratio and high filament quality.
  • Silkworm hybrid seed PS-01 produces more disease resistant silkworm.

Potential Application

Silkworm hybrid seed PS-01 coud be developed to improve natural silk industries in Indonesia.

Inovator (Innovators)

Nama : Lincah Andadari, Tri Rahmawati, dan Herman Sari
Unit Kerja : Puslitbang Hutan
Alamat : Jalan Gunung Batu No. 5, Bogor 16610, Telepon. (0251) 8633234, 7520067, Faks. (0251) 8638111
E-mail :
Status KI : Proses pengajuan paten (P00201603261)
PVT: Berdasarkan SK MENHUT No.SK. 794/Menhut-Il/2013