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B67. Calliandra callothyrsus Superior as Raw Material for Wood Energy

Provision of wood energy from superior species is needed in supporting renewable energy programs. One of wood energy species is Kaliandra. Superior clone of Calliandra callothyrsus or superior kaliandra obtained from the breeding process. The advantages of this clone are in terms of productivity (volume) and quality of wood (calorific value and lignin content). Development of forest plantations to provide wood energy could be done in the scale of industrial plantations and community forests to support the procurement of raw materials of wood energy


The use of seeds from the superior clones Calliandra callothyrsus could increase productivity by 75% compared to the use of ordinary seeds.

Innovation Excellence

  • Superior Calliandra callothyrsus clones could achieve a minimum productivity of 65 m3 / ha / year over 2 years old.
  • Superior Calliandra callothyrsus clone has a calorific value of 4500 cal / g at the age of 3-4 years old

Potential Application

Seeds or parts of plant of Calliandra callothyrsus could be used to develop wood energy forest plantations .

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