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B59. Wood-ID: Automatic Wood Identification System

Automatic wood species identification system was created to simplify and speed up identification processes that normally could only be done by anatomy experts. The first generation of this system is a set of PC equipped with a digital loop, in which Wood-id application has been installed. This system is able to recognize the wood species that has been learned in less than a second. The information displayed includes botanical names, trade names, specific gravity, strength classes, durability classes, recommended utilization, and classification in timber trade.


Accuracy in timber identification places the highest priority because misidentification could be detrimental to the state or companies. At the moment, wood species determination could be only conducted by officers who have the ability in wood identification based on wood anatomical knowledge. Officers who have these requirements are very limited, while on the other hand, the need for wood identification is relatively high. Automatic wood identification system based on computer vision is one of the techniques that could be applied.

Innovation Excellence

  • The system has the ability to identify wood species quickly, objectively and accurately.
  • Database of wood species could be continuously added.

Potential Application

Applicable for identification of wood species in laboratories and fields such as in industries, Customs, police and timber inspections by local forestry officers.

Inovator (Innovators)

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