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A59. Akar Kuning Soap: Healthy and Glowing Skin

Bar soap with yellow root (akar kuning) extract formula was invented to improve the value added of yellow root (Fibraurea tinctoria). Yellow root extract contains antibacteria and antioxidant which are nutriotious for skin health, especially in killing germs which sticked on the skin and protecting skin cell from ultraviolet radiation.


Bar soap made of yellow root which contains of antibacteria and antioxidant is useful for skin health. Bar soap of yellow root adds the value added one of non timber forest products.

Innovation Exellence

  • Yellow root extract bar soap is nutritious for skin health .
  • Yellow root extract bar soap improves the value added of yellow root.

Potential Application

Bar soap of yellow root extract could be produced by small and medium stakeholders of people in forest surrounding.

Inovator (Innovators)

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