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A58. Pakoba Juice, Fresh Drink Rich in Antioxidants

Nutritional content of the pakoba fruit is quite complete. High vitamin C content of 22.15 mg/ 100 g gives a sensation of sour taste. Pakoba fruit also contains carbohydrates and starch by 65.57% and 20.2% consecutively, with a caloric value of 3457 Kcal/kg. This fruit is also safe to eat because it has low content of alcohol and sugar that is 0.132% and 0.98%. This innovation was created to utilize pakoba into juice or syrup by using added brown sugar as a natural preservative.


Pakoba (Syzygium luzonense (Merr.) Merr.) is an endemic species in North Sulawesi. Since 2007, this tree has been planted for 1 ha, but the fruit is only left untapped. Pakoba fruit contains high flavonoids and vitamin C, thus it is potential to be used as an antioxidant

Innovation Excellence

  • It contains high Vitamin C so that it could be used as an antioxidant and maintain stamina
  • It is made from natural ingredients without preservatives
  • It provides an alternative food.

Potential Application

Pakoba juice could be used as an unique souvenir from
North Sulawesi.

Inovator (Innovators)

Nama : Hanif Nurul Hidayat dan Lis Nurraini
Unit Kerja : BP2LHK Manado
Alamat : JJalan Raya Adipura, Kima Atas, Mapanget, Kota Manado, Sulawesi Utara 95259
Telepon (0431) 7242949
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