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A53. Stay Perfumed and Healthy with Dryobalanops Oil

This innovation was created to diversify the use of dryobalanops oil. The oil contains borneol (C10H18O) which could be used as aromatherapy by mixing them into candle and soap. In addition to be a fragrance, the oil serves as an antioxidant and acne cures.


Dryobalanops oil is produced from tapping of dryobalanops trees. The oil contains aromatherapic ingredients, but currently it is not widely used in candle and soap making.

Innovation Excellence

  • It improves diversification of dryobalanops oil uses.
  • It provides unique aroma and relaxation effects of candles and soaps which is unavailable in the current market

Potential Application

Innovation could be developed as an alternative home based industries in area which potential dryobalanops tree.

Inovator (Innovators)

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