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B52. Agarwood Quality Improvement by Resin Impregnation

Resin impregnation technique is invented to improve low quality agarwood. In the market, there are agarwood quality levels from low with low prices to high quality with expensive prices. The low quality agarwood is abundant in the market, while high quality agarwood is less available. Impregnation technique has been tested to improve low quality agarwood.

Low quality agarwood is impregnated with resin extracted from agarwood sawdust. Low quality agarwood is placed in the cylinder tank, vacuumed for 15 minutes and flooded with agarwood liquid extract and then compressed in 20 kg/cm2 for an hour. Impregnated agarwood is then dried until in oven dry condition.


Resin impregnation technique of extract agarwood sawdust into low quality agarwood is able to improve agarwood quality.

Innovation Exellence

  • It improves agarwood quality.
  • It is impregnated from agarwood extracted sawdust.

Potential Application

Agarwood quality improvement is conducted by impregnating resin agarwood extract. Impregnation technique could be applied by agarwood farmers.

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