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A52. Tengkawang Fried Rice

This innovation was created to develop the utilization of tengkawang (Shorea spp.) seeds for cooking oil and margarine as alternatives of vegetable oils. The process could be done traditionally through seed drying, grinding, steaming and oil extraction. Foods cooked by tengkawang oil/margarine have unique taste, such as when it is used for making fried rice and burgers.


The use of tengkawang fat was limited to substitute cocoa butter in cosmetic industries. This innovation provides technology to use tengkawang fat as food material.

Innovation Excellence

  • It is a new idea in utilizing tengkawang fat as an alternative of vegetable oil.
  • Food processed with tengkawang oil has unique sensation taste.

Potential Application

The technology could be developed as an alternative home based industries in tengkawang producer areas such as West Kalimantan.

Inovator (Innovators)

Nama : Rizki Maharani dan Andrian Fernandes
Unit Kerja : B2P2EHD Samarinda
Alamat : Jalan K.H. A. Wahab Syahrani No. 68, Sempaja, Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur,
Telepon (0541) 206364, Faks.(0541) 742298
E-mail :
Status KI : Proses pengajuan Paten