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A51. Nyamplung Burger, A Nutritious Animal Feed

Nyamplung burger was invented to optimize the utilization of nyamplung oilcake for nutritious animal feed. Nyamplung oilcake waste which has been extracted for biodiesel, then fermented and mixed with other substances for longer storage time. Rough protein content of burger nyamplung is 21-23% which was twice as high as protein at rice bran. Nyamplung burger could be stored for six months to overcome the lack of green animal feed during drying season. The burger could improve livestock weight about 150-200 g/ animal/day and shorten livestock harvesting time by about 3-4 months.


Nyamplung oil cake waste from biodiesel extraction could be used for value added products such as animal feed. The
innovation could improve the value added and reduce environment hazard.

Innovation Excellence

  • Optimizing nyamplung oil cake waste.
  • It is higher nutritious livestock feed than rice bran which is currently used
  • It is longer storage time, as it could be used to substitute fresh animal feed during dry season.

Potential Application

It could be integrated with nyamplung biodiesel industries and as potential investment in community based animal feed industries.

Inovator (Innovators)

Nama : Budi Leksono, Ali Agus, Chusnul Hanim, Eritrina Windyarini,
dan Tri Maria Hasnah
Unit Kerja : B2P2BPTH Yogyakarta
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