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A50. Amphibians and Reptiles Emerge, Ecosystem Recovers

This innovation is a field guide created to identify amphibians and reptiles (herpetofauna) which could be used as a bioindicator of the recovery or the succession of ecosystem degradation. Currently, recovery indicators of ecosystem degradation are often based on the presence of birds and below-ground animals. The existence of herpetofauna indicates the progress of ecosystem recovery.


Herpetofauna existence could be used as an indicator on the progress of ecosystem recovery. Techniques for identifying herpetofauna for ecosystem restorations have not been widely practiced. The guide provides lesson learnt on how to apply the herpetofauna identification in the assessment of ecosystem restoration through reclamation, rehabilitation or natural succession.

Innovation Excellence

  • It provides field guide for hepterofauna identification as indicators of ecosystem recovery which currently is not widely practiced.

Potential Application

This guide could be applied to monitor ecosystem recovery of degraded area such as ex-mining or wild fire.

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