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B49. Wood Vinegar for Safer Tapping and More Resin Production

Innovation on using wood vinegar as a stimulant in pine resin tapping was created to replace the use of hazardous chemicals (sulfuric and nitric acids) that are widely used. Wood vinegar contains a weak acid (acetic acid) and is able to stimulate pine resin excretion during tapping process. The use of ± 1 cc of wood vinegar on the tapping wound increases resin production up to 14%. Compare to the common chemical substances, the use of wood vinegar is considered safer to the resin tappers and environmentally friendly to the pine trees and forest.


Pine resin tapping often uses strong acid such as sulfuric and nitric acids to stimulate resin excretion from the wood tissue. These chemicals caused unfavorable impacts as it damages the wood tissue, hazardous to the resin tappers and pollute the environment. The use of organic materials such as wood vinegar to substitute chemical stimulants could prevent the negative impacts while maintaining resin productivity.

Innovation Exellence

  • It substitutes strong acids commonly used as a stimulant in pine resin tapping.
  • It is cheap, safe and environmentally friendly.

Potential Application

The use of wood vinegar as stimulant could be applied in pine tapping process by forest based industries, such as Perhutani and other timber estate companies.

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