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A49. Space Design of Ecosystem Restoration in the Conservation Area

After the reformation movement in 1998, many conservation areas were degraded due to encroachment and illegal logging which lead to the decrease to loss of forest functions. For restoring the forest functions, an ecosystem restoration must be implemented in a landscape scale. For the effectiveness and efficiency of restoration efforts, a space design must be developed based on GIS analyses.


Ecosystem restoration at a landscape scale principally is to restore the three functions of the forest ecosystem. A spatial planning is needed to arrange the land space match with the purposes of restoration (i.e. ecological, hydrological and social-economic functions). By using of Geographical Information system and bio-physics and social-economic data which collected through rapid assessment, we could compose a map of space allocation design for restoration recommendation which match with the function of the restored area in the future.

Innovation Excellence

  • The process of arrangement is relatively easy, cheap and quick
  • Presented in a recommendation map of restoration which quickly and easily to be understood
  • Provide accurate, comprehensive and applicable information.

Potential application

Applicable in all conservation areas and analogy also applicable in productive and protected forests by modifying the factors and adjustment of weight of each factor.

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