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B48. Nata Fruticans Made from Nipah Sap

Nata technology was invented to improve food diversification from forest area. Nipah sap, which is tapped from nypa palm trees (Nypa fruticans Wurmb.) is collected and fermented for nata products.

After fermentation, the nata from nipa sap could be consumed. The nata fruticans could be developed as an alternative food sources and to improve local community by selling the natas.


Nata fruticans made of nipa sap is developed for alternative food sources for people around the forests.

Innovation Exellence

  • The development of nata fruticans for alternative food sources.
  • The development of nata fruticans for local economy development.

Potential Application

The development of nata fruticans products made of nipa sap as food alternative source will take place in the area with abundant nipa availability

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