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Posted by Dyah Puspasari - 16 Juli 2020 424 klik
Minister of Environment and Forestry : Research and Development Play an Important Role in Human Civilization

"Research and development (RnD) play an important role in evolvement of human civilization, we have no doubt about that," said Dr. Siti Nurbaya, the Minister of Environment and Forestry, in her remarks at the Inauguration Ceremony of Research Professors of FORDA, MoEF in Jakarta (16/7).

Posted by Dyah Puspasari - 15 Juli 2020 169 klik
Seed Quality Standards, Innovations to Increase Forest Productivity

Research shows that the use of seeds that meet quality standard is a determining factor in the success of reforestation, land rehabilitation and plantation development. Genetic, physical, physiological and seed health quality will affect seed performance, which can determine seed quality and plant productivity in the field. The use of high-quality seeds can increase productivity by 30% -50% of tree volume increment.

Posted by Dyah Puspasari - 27 Juni 2020 456 klik
Ecotourism, Middle Path of Mangrove Ecosystem Conservation

[FORDA] _"Ecotourism is different from natural tourism in general. This activity adopts the concept of biodiversity conservation, environmental and cultural education as well as economic empowerment both locally and nationally," explained Dr. Endang Karlina, natural resources conservation researcher at the Center for Forest Research and Development, FORDA.

Posted by Dyah Puspasari - 18 Juni 2020 270 klik
New Phase Towards ERPA Formal Negotiation Process

[FORDA] In July 2020, Indonesia will enter a new phase towards formal negotiation process of ERPA (Emission Reduction Payment Agreement). This is the main agenda after the Indonesian Government's Benefit Sharing Plan (BSP) document was approved and deemed appropriate as an advanced draft by FCPF (Forest Carbon Partnership Facility) assessment team from FMT (FCPF Management Team) and CFPs (Carbon Fund Participants) on Thursday 11 June 2020. The formal negotiation is a prerequisite for ERPA signin

Posted by Dyah Puspasari - 26 Mei 2020 414 klik
Halalbihalal "The New Normal" of FORDA, to Strengthen Bonds of Comradeship in the Pandemic Era

[FORDA] the Eid al-Fitr 1441 H celebrations look and feel very different this year. The rituals and traditions that usually involve the moment of greeting, hugging and shaking hand as a symbol of forgiving one another must now be curtailed, and as WHO’s advice should be replaced by virtual alternatives due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Facing the situation, FORDA held virtual halalbihalal "the new normal" led by Dr. Agus Justianto, the DG of FORDA (26/5) in order to strengthen bonds of com

Posted by Dyah Puspasari - 17 Mei 2020 1548 klik
Longevity FORDA, Ready to Embrace the “New Normal”

[FORDA]_May 2020, Research, Development and Innovation Agency (FORDA) celebrates its 107th birthday. Entering the second century of FORDA’s role in shaping environmental and forestry development, particularly in the Covid-19 pandemic era, Dr. Agus Justianto, The DG of FORDA conveys, “Longevity FORDA, gets ready to embrace the “New Normal”.

Posted by Dyah Puspasari - 05 Mei 2020 404 klik
The Solidarity of FORDA Employees amid the Pandemic

[FORDA] _ Enthusiasm of solidarity actions to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic all over the country is heartening. Various initiatives continue to emerge from various community groups and institutions as a form of social care, contribution, and hope that this pandemic will soon end. The solidarity action of FORDA employees is one of them.

Posted by Dyah Puspasari - 05 April 2020 835 klik
Measuring Local Production of Natural Alcohol in Indonesia's Tropical Forests

[BLI] _Discussion about ethanol is re-soaring, as an ingredient inactivating a virus. Amid the high demand for ethanol (ethyl alcohol) as one of the ingredients for making disinfectants and antiseptics to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19), the presence of bioethanol provides an alternative.

Posted by Dyah Puspasari - 11 Maret 2020 1047 klik
Reforming Science, Developing Environmental and Forestry Standardization

A note from the DG of FORDA, MoEF “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything” (Albert Einstein)

Posted by Dyah Puspasari - 20 Februari 2020 913 klik
Develop New Collaboration with the Parliament

[FORDA] _Realizing the concrete role of science, technology and innovations in the real field, Commission 4 of the Parliament voices strong urge to synergize legislative agendas with innovations in environment and forestry development. It arose in the working meeting between Commission 4 of the Parliament and the Minister for Environment and Forestry in Jakarta (19/2).

Research, Development and Innovation Agency

Ministry of Environment and Forestry