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Posted by Rizda - 2011-06-29 07:53:01

Better Inoculation Engineering Techniques

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This report signifies as part of research results from the output entitled “Better Inoculation-Engineering Techniques”, which comprised three activities, namely (1) Selecting Suitable Inoculums; (2) Developing Several Prospective Inoculants in Large Scale; and (3) Implementing Several Prospecting Inoculums for Artificial Inducement. The technical report of this output reflects the very substantial spirits as accomplished from the development of gaharu-inoculation technology funded by the ITTO PD425/06 Rev.1 (I) Project, entitled “Production and Utilization Technology for Sustainable Development of Eaglewood (Gaharu) in Indonesia”.

Posted by Rizda - 2011-06-29 07:53:01

Identification of Eaglewood (Gaharu) Tree Species Susceptibility

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This report was prepared and arranged based on field research, literature study, and discussions as performed intensively by the groups of gaharu farmers and other stakeholders. This report can expectedly bring some benefits to the policy holders of gaharu production and gaharu practitioners in the field.