No Mitra Kerja Sama Ruang Lingkup/Judul Tanggal Kerjasama Jangka Waktu Deskripsi
21 UNESCO The Capacity Building on Climate Change Adaptation And Mitigation 16 April 2013 3 tahun Detail
22 ACIAR Facilitating and deepening democracy for improving local forest governance: The case in Wonosadi customary forest 14 Februari 2013 1 tahun Detail
23 Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd Pilot Project of Peatland Rehabilitation in Central Kalimantan (Research to the Trial of Agroforestry System and The Monitoring of The Natural Regeneration After Forest Fire on Peatland Rehabilitation on Central Kalimantan) 8 Januari 2013 1 tahun Detail
24 The Michigan State University Forest Monitoring Including Measurable, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system were identified 11 Desember 2012 - Detail
25 ITTO REDD+ Feasibility Study for the Bilateral Offset Scheme FY 2012 in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia 20 September 2012 1 tahun Detail
26 ITTO Support ITTO-CITES Implementing for Tree Species and Trade/Market Transparency: The Assesment of Ramin Plantation Requirement and the establisment of Ramin Genetic Resources Conservation Garden 22 Agustus 2012 1 tahun Detail
27 GEF (Global Environmental Facility Trust Fund Number 0515) for CAB International Removing Barriers to Invasive Species Management in Protection and Prodcution Forest in Southeast Asia (FORIS) 13 Juni 2012 3 tahun Detail
28 CIFOR Sharing data and information of carbon stock in east Kalimantan, In Particular Dipterocarps forests 5 April 2012 5 tahun Detail
29 The Republic of Korea Forest Cooperation 18 Nopember 2011 3 tahun Detail
30 University of Idaho Moscow Genetic Conservation, Remote sensing and carbon accounting, Climate Change, Plantation Forestry, Forest Products, Endophyte applications. 17 Agustus 2011 - Detail